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Different thinking: Supporting neurodiversity among the workforce

As HR managers and leadership teams continue to embrace the DEI agenda, many companies have outlined their ambitions to become more inclusive employers. As many know, however, the reality of achieving this specific goal has broad implications. Because while there are official frameworks that must be followed, implementing a DEI policy that truly addresses the [...]

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The rising value of health cover in a cost-of-living crisis

There is no doubt that the cost-of-living crisis is having a damaging effect on wallets and bank accounts, but perhaps less attention is paid to the harmful effect it can have on health. There are two key causes to this problem: firstly, the direct impact that such added stress can have on our mental and [...]

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Trip hazard: Protecting yourself from travel problems

Whether you’re relaxing on a peaceful cruise or undertaking adventures in far-flung destinations, travel is meant to give us a valuable chance to escape the stresses and strains of everyday life. But the return on your holiday investment can quickly diminish when plans go awry. And that has been the case for thousands of people [...]

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Supporting the wellbeing of employees affected by grief

For many people across the country, the additional Bank Holiday to mark the Queen’s funeral provided an important opportunity to mourn the loss of Britain’s longest reigning monarch. For some employers, however, it presented an unprecedented and delicate situation. Particularly in sectors such as hospitality, the demands on the business were potentially at odds with [...]

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Statement regarding the death of Queen Elizabeth II

Vintage would like to express its sorrow at the passing of Her Majesty The Queen and to extend our condolences to the Royal Family at this time. We would like to join together with the rest of the country in offering our thanks to Her Majesty during this period of mourning, which provides us all [...]

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Going the extra smile: The value of dental protection to today’s employees

It has been said that nothing you wear is more important than your smile. And while the more fashion conscious might disagree with that statement, it rings increasingly true among today’s workforce. In recent years, there has been growing interest - particularly among younger generations - in dental treatments designed to improve the appearance of [...]

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Digital diagnosis: How the pandemic changed our experience of healthcare

While the long-term effects of the pandemic are still continuing to unfold, there are aspects of our lives that certainly look to have been reset by the changes enforced by Covid-19. An example is how we engage with healthcare providers. For post-Covid generations, it will be entirely accepted – and perhaps even expected - for [...]

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Three key benefits of Private Medical Insurance at a time of unprecedented healthcare pressure

There are few people living in the United Kingdom who wouldn’t consider themselves fortunate to have access to the NHS. As our National Health Service, it engenders great pride and huge levels of good will. For evidence, you only have to reflect on all the hand-drawn rainbows that adorned windows across the country during the [...]

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How to capitalise on the momentum behind men’s health

When it was first introduced in 1960, the Ministry of Transport test – or MOT as it’s commonly known – was a voluntary check-up designed to assess the ‘health’ of cars every year. Today, it’s an essential part of vehicle ownership, providing us with information on any areas that might need care and attention as [...]

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The importance of travel insurance in the post-Covid climate

For sunseekers and those with a sense of wanderlust, the opening up of International Travel restrictions has been a welcome move that paves the way for a long-awaited holiday on foreign shores. After several years when getting away has been complicated by Covid-19, increasing numbers of people are considering leaving the UK for their 2022 [...]

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