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About us

Vintage Health was established in 2015 from the merger of two successful private medical insurance brokerages.

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Our directors each have over 25 years of experience in the insurance sector. The ethos of our company is based upon providing a high quality, personalised service that ensures our clients, existing and new, receive advice that is suited to their specific requirements.

Private medical insurance is unlike other general insurance products, such as car and home insurance, where price is the determining factor at point of purchase. However, private medical insurance carries many variants in determining the price, including age, underwriting method and the level of cover. We work with all major insurers that will work with intermediaries, and we provide advice to individuals, families and companies, advising them on insurance policies that are suitable for their demands, needs and financial budget. 

It is not uncommon that clients are advised to regularly switch insurance providers in search of the cheapest premium.

However, this does not allow individuals to build up their No Claims Discounts; it usually results in re-underwriting and can often entail receiving less cover than before. We encourage our clients to build long standing relationships with their insurance provider, providing that their existing cover remains suitable for their needs.

It is important that our clients understand what their insurance policy covers them for and what it does not cover, as this will affect their ability and incentive to claim.






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