Six common questions about travel insurance answered

For travellers with even the tiniest sense of wanderlust, any chance to hit the road or take to the skies can trigger excitement and anticipation. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, travel provides opportunities for exploring new places, meeting new people, taking in new experiences and creating new memories. From the moment a trip is [...]

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Making health insurance possible for people with pre-existing conditions

With record numbers of the UK population covered by health insurance, it’s perhaps no surprise that payouts for health claims are also at record highs. According to the latest full-year data from the Association of British Insurers (ABI), valid claims made by policyholders resulted in payouts totalling almost £3 billion. For those insured, this financial [...]

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Cancer care: How to protect and support employees

It is one thing to know you are at risk of getting a disease, but when someone we know or someone in the public eye is affected, the reality can really hit home. Announcements in recent months by both King Charles and the Princess of Wales that they are undergoing treatment for unspecified forms of [...]

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Why employee wellbeing is rising up the ESG agenda

The acronym ESG has brought a bold dash of green to the corporate world in the past few years, galvanising business efforts to make a positive difference on environmental, social and governance matters. It has arguably become a slightly more grey area in recent times, however, with the collective ambition to create a better world [...]

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Four workplace wellbeing trends for 2024

After a period of seasonal excess, the new year provides a perfect opportunity to hit the reset button and make a fresh start. It’s a time when plenty of promises and plans are made, many of which are related to improving our health, wellbeing and fitness. With this in mind, many companies will be thinking [...]

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Proactive approach: Employee benefit strategies to promote workforce wellness

From your income and your education to your genetics and gender, there are a huge range of factors that can have a bearing on your wellbeing. Many of these ‘determinants of health’ – as they are described by the World Health Organisation – are unquestionably out of our control. Despite their ability to impact whether [...]

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What value do employees place on private medical insurance?

After a period when the competition for talent has been fiercer than ever, employers will be thankful that conditions in the labour market are expected to improve in 2023. But while pressure on the human resources frontline might be easing, companies will know that the war for talent is far from over. Factors such as [...]

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Back to health: Tackling musculoskeletal issues among the workforce

Having left his position as Health and Social Care Secretary back in 2018, Jeremy Hunt might have been forgiven for thinking that back and joint pain would no longer be encompassed within his ministerial remit, particularly as Chancellor of the Exchequer. However, as he outlined in the 2023 Spring Budget, musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions are one [...]

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Fit for the job: Unlocking the employee benefits of physical wellbeing

Having been hidden away in a file labelled ‘taboo’ until just a few years ago, mental health is now firmly on the agenda of most employers. In fact, research among the UK’s largest listed companies shows that 93% now recognise mental health as an important business issue. There clearly remain areas where progress needs to [...]

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Business travel insurance: Protection for the post-Covid traveller

During the depths of the pandemic, many people optimistically focused on a time in the future when things would go back to the way they were before, with everyone free to enjoy unrestricted travel again. Thankfully, this vision has largely been realised in recent years as the disruption of Covid-19 has dissolved into the background [...]

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