Not such a happy birthday for the NHS

When it comes to opening gifts on your birthday, there are some that seem good at the outset but quickly lose their shine. We couldn’t help but consider this scenario following Theresa May’s recent announcement that the government will furnish the NHS with an extra £20bn funding package by the year 2023 as a 70th birthday [...]

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Key Factors which determine the uptake of Flexible Benefits

A benefits package can be extremely valuable, but what will determine its real success? More and more businesses are offering their employees a flexible benefits package. When designing a benefits package, a company needs to understand the key factors which will shape its performance in order to attract the best talent and improve workplace productivity. [...]

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How to minimise stress and maximise productivity when running a business

Running your own business is no mean feat but more and more people are recognising the benefits. According to the Centre for Entrepreneurs, nearly 660,000 companies were established in 2016, up from 608,000 the previous year.  The UK provides a great place to set up on your own but there are a few key ways [...]

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Protection Planning like a Pro

Whether you are looking at corporate protection as a company director, critical illness cover as a sole trader or private medical insurance for you and your family, the protection planning landscape is constantly evolving. Protection planning is very much based on the idea of what “could” happen, which is why many people deem it unnecessary. [...]

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International Medical Insurance – Simplifying a complicated situation

The typical British attitude is as follows, complain when it’s bad and complain when it’s too good, because we are used to it being bad. Only this month, we have had phenomenal weather and we Brits are looking as tired as ever, because nobody has managed to sleep. We’re just too used to getting under [...]

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Medical Underwriting – The hidden agenda

In the new world, we can buy products in the same time it used to take waiting on the phone to speak to a sales representative. We avoid the queues, we avoid the hassle and many a time, we avoid buying a product of quality. Purchasing an insurance product is different from purchasing a pair [...]

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