How to capitalise on the momentum behind men’s health

When it was first introduced in 1960, the Ministry of Transport test – or MOT as it’s commonly known – was a voluntary check-up designed to assess the ‘health’ of cars every year. Today, it’s an essential part of vehicle ownership, providing us with information on any areas that might need care and attention as [...]

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The importance of travel insurance in the post-Covid climate

For sunseekers and those with a sense of wanderlust, the opening up of International Travel restrictions has been a welcome move that paves the way for a long-awaited holiday on foreign shores. After several years when getting away has been complicated by Covid-19, increasing numbers of people are considering leaving the UK for their 2022 [...]

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Long Covid: Supporting employees on the road to recovery

When the UK was placed into lockdown in March 2020 and the population braced itself for the impending impact of a wave of Covid-19 infections, few people were thinking about the possibility of a flu-like virus causing longer-term health problems. Within two months, however, a proportion of those affected by Covid began talking about how [...]

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Inter-generational health: How our risks and priorities are changing

Since February 2020, the global healthcare conversation has been dominated by one topic: Covid-19. Now, with restrictions having eased, we are starting to get a true understanding of the pandemic’s impact on our healthcare systems and its influence on how we approach our own health. One thing that is clear is the effect of the [...]

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What is the best age to take out PMI?

While private medical insurance (PMI) has traditionally been seen as the premise of the wealthy and/or older generations, things have changed dramatically over the past few decades. A combination of consistently higher quality private care and access to the very best treatments has developed hand in hand with untenable NHS waiting lists and a growing [...]

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The 2022 Private Healthcare Trends You Need to Know About

The continued rise of telemedicine is the most prominent trend to expect as we head through 2022. This is a trend partly accelerated by the pandemic where we have seen shifting consumer behaviour, reduced in-person access to non-COVID-19 related medical care and the need for socially distanced treatment. Digital healthcare played a vital role in [...]

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What is a GHIC?

Booking a holiday abroad is often a complex process and COVID-19 travel restrictions have only made things more complicated. But with the welcome news that no countries remain on the red list for travel to and from the UK, the prospect of booking a winter sun break is extremely tempting. To ensure things run smoothly [...]

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Are your Remote Employees Struggling with “unmanageable” Stress Levels?

New research says that working from home increases stress levels but the reality is far more complex. Every employee will have their own individual approach to working outside the traditional office space and different ways of coping with the change. Some will be more relaxed and more productive when working from home, perhaps due to [...]

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Answering your most FAQs on Private Healthcare

While private health insurance provides some clear advantages over public healthcare, it’s important to take a step back and review the tangible benefits. By addressing some of the most frequently asked questions our advisers deal with, we hope to provide you with a framework to make the most informed decisions about healthcare for yourself, your [...]

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